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It’s on sale at our online store Libero versatile locator / tracker portable GPS
size and extremely low weight.
And ‘ particularly suitable for personal use, aimed at tracking moving subjects.

Libero is also a telephone terminal, equipped with a selective
filter for controlling the enabled numbers
both inbound and outbound, and then added to tracking the ability to communicate in
total safety.

It is a simple device and autonomous for the use of which does not need any
manual intervention on the instrument itself, but each setup function is delegated to a
remote party that manages and monitors the activities at a distance.
The importance of the various positions, transferred to the central server generates real-time trace of the
path, accompanied by a wide range of ancillary information, such as timetables, speed, dimensions, and
direction of travel.
The user may also perform pads position volunteers, to mark sites of particular

Libero reports automatically many special situations, such as the passing of topographical boundaries
or predetermined speed, the state of charge of the battery, or the same power on and off
of the device.
At each instant is activated a call for help at the push of the SOS button, the
emergency call can take place both in numbers families, both in numbers of rescue specialist,
with indication of the exact position of the user.
Libero calling in the event that the user is not responding, the instrument signals
automatically its position.

The use of multiple devices connected to a single central service through the RADAR allows the
visual inspection and real-time coordination of teams of operators or fleet of vehicles.
Libero is therefore useful in many areas as, for example, the one relief, one familiar and

Libero proved very suitable in their free time, for recording on a track of
paths volunteers, tourism or sport, or for the control of displacements in situations of
potential difficulties or danger.



From today, in our online shop “Cedac Shop” is available for sale
Libero+ , a powerful GPS
tracker with LCD display, aimed at tracking moving subjects and particularly suitable for the elderly.

It has the same features as Libero but with the addition of liquid crystal display for displaying and storing phone numbers and ù
text messages.
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There is no much to market launch of our new GPS devices intended for wide application scope to the professional staff, from animals to sports,
from leisure to transport and logistics.

In fact, starting from the 16th of December, our new GPS devices will be booked from our online store and from next January 2014 will be available for sale.

It is a very ambitious project, with which Cedac attempt to reintegrate into a market sector which is still unexplored and booming like that of the locators
and GPS trackers.
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