From today, in our online shop “Cedac Shop” is available for sale
Libero+ , a powerful GPS
tracker with LCD display, aimed at tracking moving subjects and particularly suitable for the elderly.

It has the same features as Libero but with the addition of liquid crystal display for displaying and storing phone numbers and ù
text messages.

Libero+ is also a telephone terminal, thereby adding to tracking the ability to communicate with confidence, has a liquid crystal display for
reading phone numbers, phonebook and SMS, making it easy to use even for the elderly.

It is a simple and autonomous device for the use of which does not need any manual intervention on the instrument itself,
but each setup function is delegated to a remote party that manages and controls the activity at a distance, through our portal “My Wakes “.

Libero+ signals automatically many special situations, such as the passing of topographical bounda-ries ( virtual fence ) or fixed speed,
charge status of the battery, or the same switching on and off of the device.

At each instant is activated a call for help at the push of the SOS button, activating an emergency call numbers that can be both families,
both in numbers of rescue specialist, with precise indication of the location of the user; Libero + calling in If the user does not respond,
the device automatically reports its position.

The use of multiple devices connected to a single central service through the ” Radar “, allows the visual inspection and real-time
coordination of multiple subjects.

Libero+ is very useful in the relief and in the family.

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