There is no much to market launch of our new GPS devices intended for wide application scope to the professional staff, from animals to sports,
from leisure to transport and logistics.

In fact, starting from the 16th of December, our new GPS devices will be booked from our online store and from next January 2014 will be available for sale.

It is a very ambitious project, with which Cedac attempt to reintegrate into a market sector which is still unexplored and booming like that of the locators
and GPS trackers.

In this regard, last November 26, was held the official presentation of GPS devices
“Angelo”, e
“Libero” in the presence of as many as 28
pharmacies in the consortium “My Pharmacy “, during which the Director general Cedac, dr. David Pazzaglia, outlined the main features and functionality
of these devices.

Will soon be available also on the websites of the devices, which is currently under construction.

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