TFT 4,3″, color display touch screen

Cedac is pleased to announce the release of its TFT 4.3 “color touch screen display custom Cedac pin to pin compatible with the Sharp TFT cod.
LQ043T1DG01 went into obsolescence in 2012.

Cedac took the TFT Sharp for some products such as

In order to continue and maximize the investment component of the electronics and software to meet this important component obsolescence,
Cedac decided to customize a TFT 4.3 “with technical features comparable to the quele TFT Sharp.

The TFT 4.3 “personalized Cedac is fully compatible in terms of mechanics and connections with the TFT Sharp went to
obsolescence as you can see from the images below.

In the adoption of TFT personalized Cedac, you need to make some minor modifications to the driver software of the TFT
to make it fully interchangeable with the TFT Sharp.

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