Cedac presents Tramper

Almost completed the development of Tramper, our new system to record the paths while traveling and sharing
with whoever you want.

Tramper is a system for the registration of travel by camper that, coupled with our GPS device ” PickWay “, you
will allow you to relive your tracks and those of your friends monitoring them through our portal ” My Wakes ” on your
Smartphone, on your tablet or on your PC, wherever you are.
With Tramper can take pictures, and associate them to your track and relive all the way thanks to the
“Tour” on the portal ( with time, speed, dimensions and direction of travel) and can report the points of interest to your
friends and family.
Included in the package the GPS device ” PickWay “, equipped with vehicular power supply for connection to the battery,
the “case ” for the device and 12 months of service with real-time updating of the position of the vehicle and
traffic information.


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