From today, in our shop “MyWakes” is available for purchase
“Logitrack”, our new system to optimize work and operate
with precision in
the field of transport and logistics.

With ” Logitrack ” You can monitor the charge carriers to transport parcels or pallets in several places before arriving at the
final destination.

You will also coordinate the technicians directly and instantly on the ground, monitoring the loca-tion of all real-time
viewing routes and stops
and you can also look up the nearest operator to assign the next action.

” Logitrack ” is a comprehensive service that will allow you to control the position and the hours of use of the fleet or the means
available to hire and define the collection routes programmed ( for example, the means used for waste collection ), you can also
set the
virtual boundaries, receiving an Alert with the coordinates each time the operator goes beyond them.

” Logitrack ” is simple to use as it has an intuitive interface that allows you to manage independently in all phases of the tracking
directly on your smartphone or on your tablet, with a special app. downloaded from our website
“MyWakes”, or by accessing the website
directly from your PC.

This package includes the GPS device ” PickWay ” with battery charger, car adapter for connection to the battery, the ” case”
for the device and 12 months of service with real time updates on the location of fleets and traffic information.

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