From January 1, are available for sale our new devices Gps Angelo and Daggy.

As previously announced, as of 1 January 2014 are available for sale through our web site, our new GPS devices: the watch for people Gps AngeloGps Angelo and collar for pets Daggy.

The two products provide an introductory price of Euro 195.00 including VAT for Angelo and Euro 167.00 including VAT for Daggy.

In the box of Angel are included a charger, a USB cable, earphones, a battery, while Daggy are included in the packaging of a USB adapter, a USB cable, a screwdriver and screw caps “waterproof”; for both, included in the tender, will be provided for 12 months with real-time update.

The two products, when bought in a pharmacy consortium “My Pharmacy”, entitle the customer to take advantage of a discount of 10% on the price indicated for use exclusively online, in our web site

Angelo and Daggy will also have a practical and intuitive “App” for PC, Smartphone & Tablet, with which you can know at any time and in any place where the person or the animal in question.

Will soon be available also on the websites of the devices, which is currently under construction.


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