Protect Your Family with Angelo!!

More freedom

More safety

  • Thanks to the GPS satellite system, your family will always know where you are, monitorandoti with smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • You can receive and make calls for help, because Angelo is also a phone
  • It has a large display, bright and intuitive

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How it works Angelo

  • Register on o con la app e inserisci il codice IMEI
  • Set the settings of Angelo (date, time, and phone numbers)
  • Now you are ready to use Angelo!

About Angelo

    •                     POSITION ACCURATE
                          The position is detected by a margin of less than 5 meters

    •                     POSITION IN REAL TIME
                          ‘ll let you know exactly where you are

    •                     LARGE DISPLAY
                          Now and data are large, clearly visible and intuitive

    •                     LONG LIFE
                          The battery lasts a long time and will not have to charge it frequently

    •                     ALWAYS WITH YOU
                          Angelo is convenient, comfortable and practical

    •                     TRACKING ONLINE ON PC AND SMARTPHONE
                          Simply by accessing the online service or the free app

What does the bundle of Angelo

  • watch gps

  • charger + USB cable

  • earphones

  • additional battery