Cedac announce the pubblication of his product certified as ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 profile by ZigBee alliance.

FlexPlug is a Smart Plug equipped with an integrated highly-accurate energy meter that allow the monitoring of energy consumption
of the plugged devices.

The maintenance of historical data on the web banking is no longer a problem.

Cedac releases the first version of the management software designed to store the information flows CBI
received through the web banking.

With native data loading functionality, the software is able to ensure maximum flexibility
in the management of information flows and the results received, with customizable parameters maintenance and
services with viewing, exporting to CBI, search and filter the main information
contained in all the flows of information provided in the form required by the standards CBI.tyle=”float:right;”/>

Sito web ZIGBEE

FlexPlug su ZIGBEE

FlexPlug su FLexGrid

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