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Cedac Sofware srl

Via Toscana, 3
0035 Castiglione dei Pepoli (BO
P.iva /CF. 01643641200

The leader of the CEDAC GROUP operates via the SOFTWARE DIVISION, with its solutions for the banking sector in the Interbank Corporate Banking (CBI), in the automation of internal processes of the institutes and in the design and deployment of applications and services dedicated to the needs of 'user in the use and integration with enterprise systems, telematics bank.
Proposes, through CONSULTING DIVISION, support and training services are the users, for the proper use of the CBI service and advice in interaction with business processes.
It caters to the industrial market, DIVISION HARDWARE, projects in process automation, imaging and radio equipment connections.


Cedac Sistemi srl

Via Toscana 3
40035 Castiglione dei Pepoli (BO)
C.F e P.Iva 01695261204

Company active in the marketing of consumer market products and services for tracking and remote control in different areas, communities for seniors, sports events and parks vehicles.

Edocitalia srl

Via Isonzo, 65 40033
Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
C.F e P.Iva 03252961200

It is aimed at the market of pharmacies providing collaborative services digitizing documents (invoices) and integration with the management of the pharmacy to provide for manual control between goods received and charged with the management and the accountant of the pharmacy for automatic installation of the first note, the schedule.

FlexGrid srl

Via Parini, 1 ‐ 40033
Casalecchio di Reno (BO)
C.F e P.Iva 03118301203

Represents the initiative GROUP CEDAC for the field of energy efficiency. Promotes product solutions and services for the control of power consumption and heat in the home, interacting in a system optimized appliances and equipment of the house to combine comfort and savings.

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Cedac Group:

Divisione Software

Design, development and consulting platforms WEB, Mobile Banking Platforms, Aggregators for Trade Associations and Professional Services, Hosting

Divisione Hardware

Study and design of wireless systems, image processing systems and solutions for Energy Efficiency

Divisione Consulting

Consulenza, Formazione e Servizi di Contact Center. Servizi rivolti all’incremento della produttività in azienda e all’analisi delle dinamiche economico-finanziarie. Interventi di aggiornamento e innovazione delle competenze gestionali e tecnico-professionali