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Cedac Software: experience, skills and passion

A little ‘Cedac Software

Since 1994, year of establishment, design and build application solutions for the banking sector in the area of ​​Telematics Bank (Interbank Corporate Banking) and Market Company in the management of corporate finance.

Our value is created by the evolution of technology, making it our own and making it functional for the purposes of our customers; we were among the first to make use of open source in both the application (JAVA) and basic software (Tomcat, JBOSS, …)

We paid attention to the demands of the market and for this we arranged for a supply of our applications for licensed use and service, providing us with a contact center with a strong specialization in banking services at a distance, before domestic (CBI) is now international (SEPA, SWIFT).

The propensity to research, has led us to equip ourselves with proprietary solutions in Operating Systems and Protocols in Wireless, opening to the industrial market, with solutions with high reliability in image processing and transmission of wireless data.

Today Cedac is among the few companies in the market to offer interoperable solutions of hardware devices with web applications for monitoring and tracking data for different environmental situations.

Cedac Software, specializing in:


Design, development and consulting platforms WEB, Mobile Banking Platforms, Aggregators for Trade Associations and Professional Services, Hosting.


Study and design of wireless systems, image processing systems and solutions for Energy Efficiency


Consultancy, Training and Contact Center Services. Services aimed at increasing productivity in the company and the analysis of economic and financial dynamics. Work to update and innovation management skills and technical-professional

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